Intro & Welcome

In this course you will design your own "low poly" 3D model. Low poly means "low amount of polygons", so an abstracted, reduced form language without a lot of frills.

In the first part of the course, we'll do some casual experimenting, without the pressure of having a result. So you will learn mostly by trial and error.

In the second part there is a little challenge: to apply the knowledge directly and build a simple 3D model with it. As an example project I will model a small bird inspired by a tit mouse, but you can also choose any other animal! You will get to know the interface and the basic functions of Blender in a playful way.

I printed it out on my 3D printer. You can do that with Shapeways, if you don't have a 3D printer. At the end, I'll also briefly show you how to proceed with the object to print it out!

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Just a great project to get started with and learn the basics! 

Have fun, and please write me what you think in the comments!


Info: This course is also available as part of a Skillshare subscription together with many more courses. If you are interested in this, click here!

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