Hi, I'm Gesa. Learn 3d design with me!

Certified goldsmith. Experienced 3d designer. 3d printing nerd. I have a knack for teaching and anything artistic.
Love sharing my knowledge with you!

You would like to get started with the free 3D program Blender, but feel overwhelmed by the interface of the program?

Maybe you have already done a few tutorials, but somehow you are missing a basic course to understand all these buttons as a beginner?

Then this is the right course for you. Because this is all about learning the absolute basics so you have the robust knowledge from which to move forward in all sorts of 3D directions.

Who is this course for?

For anyone who would like to get started in the world of 3D design, for any purpose! This course is for absolute beginners. Blender is open source and free and one of the most awesome programs ever (in my opinion ;)

What you'll learn here:
  • Find your way into 3D without being overwhelmed
  • Absolute basics: navigation, interface, basic concepts, basic functions
  • Basic modeling techniques
  • Basics of sculpting
  • Create a simple, individual 3D model by yourself!
  • Many tips, tricks and help from my many years of freelancing and teaching experience with Blender

What can you do with this knowledge?
  • Create your own 3D models for 3D printing, rendering, visualization, graphic design, sketching and much more!
  • Get a solid basic knowledge of Blender, from which it will be much easier for you to climb the next learning curves.
  • Quick learning success thanks to a structured and focused approach

What materials do I need?
  • Only a PC/Mac, a mouse and a keyboard

At the end you can upload your creation and get feedback directly from me!

I am looking forward to your ideas! 🤩

Step by Step learning

You will get to know the programm Blender at your own pace, without feeling overwhelmed at any time.

Hands-on exercises and useful knowledge sessions go hand-in-hand.

Professional Teacher

Enjoy a thorough and professional teaching style. Gesa Pickbrenner has several years of experience in goldsmithing, 3d design and also a certification in teaching for the arts and crafts.

Practical Project

After playing around for a bit, you will be able to create your very first 3d model, either for rendering or printing. (Project image by Alex R.)

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